Judith H. Walter

“The Press Don’t Panic audio button is so simple and easy to use, but could potentially save lives. Not only does the device provide reassurance for the wearer, but crucially could also provide reassurance to the prospective passer-by who stops to give assistance.

As a Nursing Sister I know from experience, one of the main reasons that people fail to help in emergency situations, is their fear of causing injury or compounding the problem. The recorded message on the Press Don’t Panic device enables the person in the street to give concise, individualised First Aid to the casualty in need, immediately and safely until a qualified medical professional arrives.

The fact that the owner of the Press Don’t Panic audio button can change the message at any time keeps the information up to date with their condition, with the special advantage of enabling them to perhaps record the information in the foreign language of a country he/she is visiting on business or holiday, thus providing the wearer with supportive freedom whilst abroad.”

Dip Asthma Management

George Stewart

“I have been a laryngectomee for 21 years. I was very impressed when the Presss Don’t Panic audio button came on the market.

You have a two minute recording time to record any message relevant to you. In my case, it is crucial to let people know what not to do in an emergency as well as medical information.

It is simple and easy to use. When the button is pressed, the message is loud and clear.

It gives me peace of mind when out and about. It certainly has boosted my confidence. I think it would be invaluable to laryngectomees in an emergency.

Excellence device.”

George Stewart

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