Andy Robertson

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I have just purchased a pressdontpanic audio button. What an invention.
I feel better going out on my own, if I take a bad turn the machine does the talking.
I have had a total laryngectomy.

Thank You

Andy Robertson

Emma Williams, CEO, Matthew’s Friends

“Epilepsy Scotland believes that the Press Don’t Panic audio button is an exciting idea. The public can confidently assist people with health conditions by pressing the button and listening to the recorded message.

This simple device, may give greater confidence to anyone with epilepsy and other conditions. It also offers reassurance to their families, carers and friends that others can step in without fear if a seizure or fit occurs.

The green first aid logo on the alarm is universally recognisable to passers-by and agencies dealing with the public. No-one needs training to use the alarm – just push the button and hear how to help.”

Emma Williams, CEO, Matthew's Friends

Lesslie Young, CEO, Epilepsy Scotland

“To those unable to speak, for whatever reason, the innovative Press Don’t Panic audio button gives them ‘a voice’.

I can’t think of another device that comes close to offering this level of reassurance to its wearers (and their families/guardians).

On a personal level, my father-in-law would have been so much more confident about going out on his own if this had been available at the time.

His biggest fear was being found in the street, unconscious because of his medical condition and therefore unable to communicate his needs.

In my work context, I see this button having a useful application for students with epilepsy, diabetes, aphasia, and so on. It’s great that something so simple can make such a difference to the confidence and independence of those who wear it.”

Alison Cox MBE Centre Director

Gail English

“As the step-parent of a severely autistic son who does not communicate verbally, the Press Don’t Panic audio button is a lifesaver.

On many occasions my step-son has got lost in the street or supermarket and caused great panic. Press Don’t Panic is discreet, practical and effective way helping if he does gets lost.

Clear instructions on how to support him plus emergency contact details can be recorded to ensure he gets back safe and sound. Brilliant and easy to use.”

Senior Lecturer
Creative Industries Faculty Stevenson College, Edinburgh

K Sutherland

“I was told I had epilepsy around a year and a half ago, being 44 years old I was sure they had made a mistake, because I thought I would have known by now.

This took away all my confidence as well as the fact that I could no longer drive for at least a year. I soon became nervous and uncomfortable doing things that I normally had done and still had to do, like going to the shops and taking the children to nursery.

I was extremely paranoid in case I had an episode at the shops or in front of my friends or worse, strangers, who didn’t know me or know how to help. This led to me stopping going out altogether. Recently my daughter brought home something Sam had thought of, and I thought the idea was excellent. I was surprised something like this wasn’t already available.

Also because I was still getting used to the fact that I had epilepsy I found it comforting that there were people who felt the same as me and I had nothing to be embarrassed about. Knowing that someone was trying to do something about how we feel took away some of the stress I was under.

I will definitely use this and it will help me get back into my everyday life without being
uncomfortable or panicking when I realised I had to go out or collect children from school and nursery.”

K Sutherland

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