Sam Docherty

The man behind the button

Dutch-CourageSam Docherty was diagnosed with a brain tumour in late 2005. The tumour was removed in October 2005. The neurosurgery was largely successful, but left Sam with partial paralysis and epilepsy.

These outcomes inevitably led to a restructuring of lifestyle – public transport, daily medication and seizure anxiety.

They also led to some very legitimate concerns: What can I do if I suddenly feel the onset of a seizure, or one starts before I can alert anyone? How can I advise anyone who may wish to offer assistance of my condition and the most appropriate action?

Conscious that the vast majority of the public (including bus drivers, hotel and catering staff etc.) have little if any experience of; epileptic seizure, diabetic shock and/or coma, anaphylactic shock due to allergies or insect bites/stings, Sam looked for a product that could help him alert people to what to do – and just as importantly what not to do – in the event of an emergency.

There appeared to be only a few alternatives:- a small card; which is kept in a pocket or handbag, a medallion or wrist bracelet. Each of these have their own limitations.

Sam believed that the technology existed to create a much better, more obvious and more functional alternative; an audio ‘button’, worn on an outer layer of clothing.

He spent the next four years designing and developing the Press Don’t Panic® audio button.

The Press Don’t Panic® audio button allows information to be recorded and stored by the wearer in any language, which can then be played back repeatedly when required. The playback can be initiated by the wearer or by those offering assistance.

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