Introducing the Press Don't Panic audio button

Press Don't Panic® is a small, highly visible, clearly medical, audio device which communicates vital information in a medical emergency - at the press of a button.

The Press Don't Panic® audio button is one of the most advanced forms of medical ID available on the market.

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How Does It Work?

The Press Don't Panic® audio button allows the wearer to record a personal message containing emergency procedure and/or essential medical information, in any language. This can then be played back whenever the wearer requires assistance. Playback can be initiated by the wearer or by those offering assistance.

Who Can It Help?

This revolutionary device is designed primarily for sufferers of conditions (epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, asthma etc.) which make it likely that they may require assistance while out and about, from members of the public - who don't have any medical training.
Those assisting will then know what to do, who to contact and how to administer any medication the wearer may be carrying. This could, in some cases, be lifesaving.

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